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Need to know the basics? Start here! Many are anxious to find their ancestors and get started. This page introduces genealogy research basic steps and provides guidance on where and how to research your family.

As you learn, mark off portions of your Oklahoma Freedmen Collective Storyteller Map!

Stop 1

Review the Glossary

In genealogy and Freedmen Genealogy Research there are key terms that all researchers should be aware of. Learn these terms!

Stop 2

Collect Oral History

Family oral history can provide keys for researchers and make stories more personal. See our guide to family history. 

Stop 3

Complete Family Group Sheets

Keep track of your family groups with family group sheets. These sheets help you organize your information as you research. 

Stop 4

Start Collective Checklists

Keep progressing in your research journey by following official Oklahoma Freedmen Collective checklists. These checklists will help you continue to research effectively. 

Now, you can learn storytelling!