Choctaw Freedmen Who Elected To Leave

The 69 Choctaw Freedmen Who Elected to Leave

There are numerous resources for Researching Choctaw Freedmen. The “basic” record from the records known as Dawes records are found, and These include enrollment cards, application file jackets, and land allotment records. In addition there are land allotment records that can be found on Family Search, hosted by the LDS Church, which are free of charge. Also remember that all families designated as Choctaw Freedmen, will be found in the Federal Census records of 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940. Note that some Choctaw Freedmen will documented on the standard census schedules, and some will be enumerated on the 1910 Special Indian census.

Choctaw Freedmen were adopted into the Choctaw Nation in 1885. After years with no citizenship after the Civil War, the nation passed the bill to adopt their former slave as citizens as agreed upon in the1866 Treaty. But before citizenship came there was discussion to remove the Freedmen to an area known as the “Leased District”. The tribe promised to give $100 per capita for each electing to leave. But there were less than 100 Freedmen elected to leave, and a special census was created to document them. The names of those who were willing to leave can be found at “Those Who Elected to Leave.”

Name: Name of Choctaw Freedman – (H) Relation to Head : Wife or child---(H) Head (W) Wife Nationality--Whether from the Choctaw or Chickasaw Nation Slave Owner---Name of Choctaw to whom they belonged before freedom. 1st District

1st District

(Name/Nationality/Previous Owner) Page 1 1 Susan Hope (H)----Choctaw------Edward Nail 2 Birtie Hope(C)----Choctaw------Born after Slavery 3 Bertha Hope (C)---Choctaw------Born after Slavery 4 Adaline Richmond (H)Choctaw-----Adaline Richmond 5 William Burris (C)-Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 6 Elisha Frazier(H)--Choctaw-----Sirra Pickens 7 Caroline Frazier(W)Choctaw-----Campbell LeFlore 8 Letha Frazier(C)---Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 9 Elisha Frzier(C)---Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 10 Elexander Duncan(H)Choctaw-----Tandy Walker 11 Wilson Duncan(C)---Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 12 Lavonia Duncan(C)--Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 13 Lavinia Duncan(C)--Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 14 Mary Duncan(C)-----Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 15 Alexander Duncan(C)Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 16 Isaac Morris(H)----Choctaw-----Annie McCurtain 17 Matilda Morris(W)--Choctaw-----Campbell LeFlore 18 Isaac Morris(C)----Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 19 Ellona Morris(C)---Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 20 Jane Rogers(H)-----Choctaw-----Peter Folsom 21 Annie Rogers----Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 22 Chester Rogers--Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 23 Fannie Anderson(H)-Choctaw-----R.S. McCarty 24 Aron Anderson---Choctaw-----Born After Slavery 25 Eddie Anderson---Choctaw----Born after slavery 26 Carrie Anderson---Choctaw----Born after slavery 27 Frank Butler---Choctaw----Born after slavery 28 Charley Clark(H)---Choctaw----Peter Folsom 29 Ben Clark----Choctaw----Born after slavery 30 Ellis Wright(H)----Choctaw----Lewis Walker 31 Eliza Wright----Choctaw----Born after slavery 32 Susan Wright-----Choctaw----Born after slavery 33 Peggy Wright-----Choctaw----Born after slavery 34 Edmund Wright----Choctaw----Born after slavery 35 Hannah Wright----Choctaw-----Born after slavery 36 John Dansby (H)----Choctaw----Born after slavery 37 Salina Dansby (W)----Choctaw---Born after slavery 38 Edward Dansby----Choctaw---Born after slavery 39 William Dansby----Choctaw----Born after slavery 40 John Dansby----Choctaw----Born after slavery

41 Lucy Dansby----Choctaw----Born after slavery 42 Douglas Dansby----Choctaw---Born after slavery 43 Minerva Battiest(H)----Choctaw---McKee Folsom 44 Simon Solomon----Choctaw----Wesley Hayes 45 Henry Clark (H)----Choctaw---Peter Folsom 46 Lewis Clark----Choctaw------Born after slavery 47 John Clark----Choctaw-----Born after slavery 48 James Clark----Choctaw---Born after slavery 49 Lucy Avery (H)----Choctaw----Campbell LeFlore 50 Henry Avery-----Choctaw----Born after slavery 51 Kitty Perry----Choctaw----Lizzie Perry 52 Moses Harlan (H)--Choctaw----Aron Harlon

53 William Harlan--Choctaw---Born after slavery 54 Ann May(H)--Choctaw----A.W. Geary 55 Mary May--Choctaw---Born after slavery 56 Richard May--Choctaw---Born after slavery 57 Rosey Ann May--Choctaw---Born after slavery 58 Ailsey May--Choctaw---Born after slavery 59 Lewisa May--Choctaw---Born after slavery 60 Manda Clark (H)--Choctaw---Born after slavery 61 Manda Lyons--Choctaw----Born after slavery 62 Georgia Ann Lyons--Choctaw---Born after slavery 63 Cora Lyons--Choctaw---Born after slavery 64 Bruce Lyons--Choctaw----Born after slavery 65 Artemicia Lyons--Choctaw----Born after slavery 66 Celia Kincaid (H)--Choctaw---(not listed) 67 Betsey Pickins (H)--Chickasaw---(Not listed) 68 Centennial McGillbry (Gr.D)--Choctaw-- Born after slavery 69 Sophia Colbert (H)--Chickasaw-----Susan Colbert

2nd District 1. Hannah Boyd(H)--Freed by Choctaw Silas Jones 2. Ben David " 3. Lewis Burs " 4. Melinda Burs 5. Jannie Burs 6. Philis Burs 7. Emma Alice Burs 8. Jacob Hall (H) " Mitchell LeFlore 3rd District 1. Anderson Carter (Freed by Edmund Turnbull) 2. Lizzie Carter 3. Dottie Carter 4. Amanda Carter 5. Hannah Carter 6. Mack Carter

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